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{Review} Cruel Crown (Red Queen 0.1-0.2) by Victoria Aveyard

27409389Posted by Donna
Release Date: April 21st, 2016
Finished Date: July 27th, 2016
Publishers: Orion
Genre: YA, Dystopia
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
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Two women on either side of the Silver and Red divide tell the stories no one else knows.

Discover the truth of Norta’s bloody past in these two revealing prequels to #1 New York Times bestseller Red Queen.

Queen Song

Queen Coriane, first wife of King Tiberias, keeps a secret diary—how else can she ensure that no one at the palace will use her thoughts against her? Coriane recounts her heady courtship with the crown prince, the birth of a new prince, Cal, and the potentially deadly challenges that lay ahead for her in royal life.

Steel Scars

Diana Farley was raised to be strong, but being tasked with planting the seeds of rebellion in Norta is a tougher job than expected. As she travels the land recruiting black market traders, smugglers, and extremists for her first attempt at an attack on the capital, she stumbles upon a connection that may prove to be the key to the entire operation—Mare Barrow.

Plus a Glass Sword sneak peek!

The Review: Cruel Crown features two prequels to Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen series. I'd recommend to read them in between Red Queen and Glass Sword. I've read it after both books but I think it would have interested me more if I'd read it while awaiting the release of Glass Sword because it has an exciting sneek peak at Glass Sword included too. Both novella's together are only around 150 pages so this is a very quick read. 

Queen Song: Ever since I read Red Queen I've been interested to read more about Queen Coriane who is Cal's Mother. However unfortunately - and this isn't a spoiler - Coriane isn't in the remainder of the series because she died years ago but with her being such a big part of Cal and Julian's lives - my two favourite characters - it's not surprise why I'd want to get to know her more. If I'm honest, I was expecting this to be about her life as a Queen, however it was only a small part because for the most of the story is focused on her life before becoming Queen and, in all honestly, her life was pretty sad. But this doesn't stop Coriane being interesting and she's such a sweet girl. I was just hoping that the author would give us more information at her later days in life rather than before. It was still really good to see how her and the King fell in love, him them only being a Prince. And it was of course nice to see that their feelings for one another were real and not forced by the Queenstrial which is how the heir to the throne is normally picked his bride. I really enjoyed Coriane's story but I only wish it was longer.

Steel Scars: I'm not sure what to say about this one. I didn't really like it which was disappointing because I was looking forward to reading more about the red side of the story. Some familiar faces pop up and while that's great not much really happens in the novella and with this one being nearly 100 pages it did start to drag. Captain Farley is an interesting character but this novella didn't add anything to her story. We don't get to know her better. 

In all, Cruel Crown would have be an interesting read with just the Queen Song's novella but some fans may like Steel Scars. It's a nice little bonus to add to the collection of books though even if one novella is much stronger than the other.

Thanks to Orion Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.

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{Review} The Way We Fall (Fallen World #1) by Megan Crewe

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Release Date: January 21st, 2012
Finished Date: May 19th, 2016
Publishers: Disney-Hyperion
Genre: YA, Post Apocalyptic
Source: For Review
Format: eBook 
Pages: 309
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It starts with an itch you just can't shake. Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat. A few days later, you'll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they’re old friends. Three more, and the paranoid hallucinations kick in. 

And then you're dead.

When sixteen-year-old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again. But then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike. As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island: no one can leave, and no one can come back.

Those still healthy must fight for the island’s dwindling supplies, or lose all chance of survival. As everything familiar comes crashing down, Kaelyn joins forces with a former rival and discovers a new love in the midst of heartbreak. When the virus starts to rob her of friends and family, she clings to the belief that there must be a way to save the people she holds dearest.

Because how will she go on if there isn't?

Poignant and dizzying, The Way We Fall is the heart-wrenching story of one girl's bravery and unbeatable spirit as she challenges not just her fears, but her sense of what makes life worth living.

The Review: Over the last few years I've keep seeing The Way We Fall pop up and it's always been in the back of my mind to finally read but I guess that's the case with a lot of books isn't it? So I'm honestly not sure why I never picked up this before but I'm really glad I can finally check this one off my TBR list. 

The Way We Fall follows Kaelyn, a sixteen year old girl whose life has been turned upside down since a strange virus hits her small hometown island and starts infecting everyone around her. Since she lives on an island, the government puts it under quarantine so no-one can leave nor come back until they can find a cure. But as Kaelyn try to deal with everything going on around her - mainly losing more people to the virus and trying to not catch it herself, the one thing she regrets was not being able to say goodbye to her best friend after he left the island - before the breakout- to go back to school. In order to try and stay close to him, Kaelyn starts to write him letter and this is how we find out everything going on around her and if there really is a cure out there?

I really liked The Way We Fall. It's been a while since I've read anything post-apocalyptic but this definitely ticked all the right boxes. For me, the way Kaelyn was telling her story though the letters, almost like a diary format was very unique and it definitely added to the emotional aspect of the story. By Kaelyn expressing herself through these letters it meant she was very honest and open about her feelings. However the only downside to the letters is that you only get the information that Kaelyn knows about the virus  as the story is only told from her point of view. But this didn't stop me enjoying the story any less.

The romance was a welcomed edition to the story and it's one I really liked. It showed signs of hope that no matter what the circumstance that love can triumph and brighten up the darkest stories. And I also think Kaelyn needed to have something good in her life when everything else was so bad. 

The ending came a little sooner than I like and it didn't really answer a lot of the questions I had. But knowing that the sequel is ready and waiting whenever I can get to it definitely helped because I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where Kaelyn's story goes next.

Thank you to Megan Crewe for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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{Review} Head Over Heels (Geek Girl #5) by Holly Smale

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Release Date: April 7th, 2016
Finished Date: April 6th, 2016
Publishers: HarperCollins Children's Books
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
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“My name is Harriet Manners, and I will always be a geek.”

The fifth book in the bestselling, award-winning GEEK GIRL series.

Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is.

She knows duck-billed platypuses don’t have stomachs.
She knows that fourteen squirrels were once detained as spies.
She knows only one flag in the world features a building.

And for once, Harriet knows exactly how her life should go. She’s got it ALL planned out. So when love is in the air, Harriet is determined to Make Things Happen!
If only everyone else would stick to the script…

Has GEEK GIRL overstepped the mark, and is following the rules going to break hearts all over again?

The ReviewI’ve been trying to write this review on Head Over Heels since I first read it in April but for some reason I’ve really struggled to find the words. I’ve sat down a few times and I’m still mixed with different feelings. Even now as I write this review I’m still not 100% sure on how I feel so bear with me. I adore Harriet. I adore the series and I’m always so eager to get the next book and start it straight away and Head Over Heels was no different. However, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when I finished it because this really did feel like a filler book. I honestly thought after so many disastrous mistakes on Harriet’s part that she would have learnt her lesson by now and yes, in some ways she does but she still goes about things the wrong way and ends up in a mess all over again – even if her intentions were for the right reasons. Despite that though I do believe by the end of this story Harriet has grown up a little. She’s now embracing her modelling career instead of trying to hide away from it and I did like that she was trying to help a very close friend.

Now, you all know how much of a sucker I am for romance. It’s the main reason I read books. I can’t live without it and as much as this book had romance in it, I didn’t enjoy it one bit! And I’m totally blaming Holly Smale for this one. I just knew when I read All that Glitters that Jasper was going to become a future love interest for Harriet and as much as Jasper is a really nice character I simply didn’t want their romance to happen. And yes that is because of Nick. I know many of you guys are Team Nick so I’m hoping we can all agree that this presence was completely and utterly missed him throughout this book and it just wasn’t the same without him. Am I right? I think so. I understand that sometimes a character has to take certain steps in a story and Harriet’s life is full of drama so why not add more of it into the mix with her love life but Holly Smale made Nick such a huge part of her life and made him so lovable that for me it was hard to move on and enjoy Harriet’s story especially when you know deep down that she is still struggling with their break up. And then, THAT ENDING! I was lost for words when I read that last line. Maybe all hope isn’t lost just yet but I hope Holly doesn’t intend to torment us and give us hope and take it all away again. I guess time will tell when the release of book 6 comes around.

In all, as you can see I had very mixed feelings about Head Over Heels but for me it felt like a filler book and it was definitely my least favourite so hence my three star rating, but I’m hoping book 6 will make up for it as long as Harriet makes the right choices!

Thank you to HarperCollins for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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{Review} Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5) by Suzanne Wright

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Release Date: May 3rd, 2016
Finished Date: April 23rd, 2016
Publishers: Montlake Publishing
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: eARC
Pages: 318
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US / Book Depo 
She’s a lone wolf with a cause.

As a volunteer at a shelter for lone shifters—the same one that rescued her—Makenna Wray has dedicated her life to finding homes for its residents. And when she discovers that a teen in her care is related to Ryan Conner, the broody, handsome-as-sin enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, she’s eager to help connect the two. She just wasn’t prepared to feel a connection of her own.

Lone wolves are loners for a reason—and most of them bad. Or so Ryan assumes until he meets the mysterious Makenna. Quirky and sensual, she seems to enjoy riling him, especially when she refuses to discuss her past. Although there is no mating bond, he’s sure she’s the one. All he has to do is be patient and wait. But when another pack’s sinister Alpha comes sniffing around, threatening Makenna and her shelter, this enforcer is ready to let his wolf off the leash…

The Review: Savage Urges is fifth book in Suzanne Wright's The Phoenix Pack series and I'm so pleased that this series is still going strong! 

In Savage Urges we see enforcer Ryan finally get his own story and we have Makenna who is a new female to the whole series. Makenna is a lone shifter works at a shelter and helps other lone shifters find their long lost relatives. When a teenage shifter turns up on her door step Makenna knows she will do everything in her power to reunite him with his family. This is where Ryan comes into the picture. The teen is Ryan's cousin whom he no longer has contact with but when Ryan discovers he has family that needs his help, he's more than willing do so even if that means spending time around Makenna - even though he can't trust her because of the life style she has chosen. The problem is, the instant he meets Makenna he knows there is something different about her - something feels different to how he normally feels around women and even though there is that trust issue, Ryan is determined to get to the bottom of it even though Makenna is reluctant. But Makenna needs someone to lean on now more than ever when her life is suddenly endangered for trying to help the lone shifters. 

I just adore Suzanne Wright's work! This series for me is definitely my favourite shifter series. Admittedly I haven't found many that compares so this is why this makes this series even more special and why they're my favourites. I really enjoyed Makenna and Ryan's story. I've been struggling to find time to read a lot lately and visiting a world that I'm already familiar with - and love - definitely helps me because I just know I'm going to enjoy it. And I did. 

Ryan's always been an interesting character for me so it was great to get to know him more and discover more to his story. Ryan's always been a very quiet character in the previous books, he grunts more than talks so like I said getting to know him properly was good because now I feel like I really know him. He does struggle socially throughout the story, the more he opens up to Makenna and comes to understand their bond, it does make him more of an open character. Maybe not as open as some of the characters but still I can understand more now why he's so dedicated to the Phoenix pack and his Alpha. 

Makenna really was a wild card in the story. Sometimes I find it difficult when new characters are added into a series but her story was an interesting one along with her being an interesting character. She did lack the 'pack vibe' and what I mean by that is because she's a lone wolf, she never feels connected to anything or anyone. She doesn't quiet understand the pack safety or safety net. So she does go on quite a bit of a self-discovery journey though-out the story. But overall, I felt she fit nicely into the Phoenix world and her story definitely added to the drama/danger that the Phoenix wolves always seem to be in.

I have to say though as much as I LOVE this series I really am looking for something different for the next book. I've adored all the previous stories but I'm a little over the 'we feel a connection but don't know where mates thing'. I'd really like for a couple to know instantly they're mates - kind of like Nick & Shaya. I want a different journey for which ever couple is next. Something different from what we've been given. Even if I don't get this wish I still think I'd enjoy it but it's time for something different I think. 

Overall, Savage Urges was a good read and one I'll look forward to re-reading in the future. 

Thank you to Montlake Publishing for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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{Blog Tour} The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy, #3) by Marie Rutkoski

25526307Posted by Melanie
Release Date: March 24th, 2016
Finished Date: March 13th, 2016
Publishers: Bloomsbury Childrens
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 484
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US / Book Depo 
War has begun. Arin is in the thick of it with untrustworthy new allies and the empire as his enemy. Though he has convinced himself that he no longer loves Kestrel, Arin hasn’t forgotten her, or how she became exactly the kind of person he has always despised. She cared more for the empire than she did for the lives of innocent people—and certainly more than she did for him.

At least, that’s what he thinks.

In the frozen north, Kestrel is a prisoner in a brutal work camp. As she searches desperately for a way to escape, she wishes Arin could know what she sacrificed for him. She wishes she could make the empire pay for what they’ve done to her.

But no one gets what they want just by wishing.

As the war intensifies, both Kestrel and Arin discover that the world is changing. The East is pitted against the West, and they are caught in between. With so much to lose, can anybody really win?

The Review: The Winner’s Kiss is the fabulous end to the The Winner's Trilogy where we have seen a Romeo and Juliet-esque story about two young adults from two sides of a war come together to unite the realms for good.
The ending of book two was a shocker in which we saw Arin turn his back on Kestrel, not knowing the sacrifices she had been making for him and his people which led to her being imprisoned in a harsh work camp that could undo her. Rumours were then spread that Kestrel had died and she lost all hope whilst at the same time, Arin mourned her……
Kestrel is broken, after a failed escape attempt leaves her scarred, she is living to work and for the blessed medicine her captors give her but then someone rescues her, someone who thinks they have failed her but Kestrel is lost and doesn’t remember. When she is taken to safety, she finds her battle is just beginning; she must battle for her sanity, to remember what happened, who her rescuer is and just what side of the fence she sits. Can they ever really live free? It all ends here!
So, this series got off to a bumpy start for me and I wasn’t a fan of the first book but I’m glad I stuck with it because it built up into something amazing and something that will definitely stay with me. This book had a very metamorphosis feel to it, especially for the characters of Kestrel and Arin who have gone through so many changes. In this Kestrel is broken, it was really sad to see her like this considering she was so ‘together’ throughout the first book and forever the strategist. It was like Kestrel had to be remade after her stay in prison, she learned many a lesson after the betrayal that sent her there and with what she endured. Reading of her going through withdrawal was awful, she was so weak and pathetic whilst not knowing who had rescued her. I always routed for Kestrel and Arin but I didn’t totally get the love until he did what he did for her, his loyalty when he realised what had happened, his determination to get her back above all else – even a war! – was so admirable. He had his work cut out for him but he was steadfast in everything, including his love and understanding for Kestrel. They both had to get to know each other again, even though the bond was there, they were different because of the things they had each endured and the burden that was on them, plus they had to fall in love again with that knowledge. For all the story was all Kestrel and Arin, I have to say that I loved the secondary characters too especially the Prince Roshar, he brought some great comedic moments to a very harsh plot.
Speaking of the plot, the storyline was fab! The first part of the book was focussed on the realisation that Kestrel needed saving and I loved that it was Arin who did it, it spoke of their connection that he knew something was wrong. Then we had Kestrel’s recovery which was very sad but I sat reading with the hope that she would realise who Arin was to her and that she would find her fight again. The change to all of the characters was very satisfying, it was like watching someone grow up and become exactly who you thought they would be. Whilst that was happening, Arin popped in and out of the war giving us an insight into what was happening on that front and injecting quite a bit of action into the story. I love a story where the underdog triumphs over the oppressor and the series had definitely been heading toward a final countdown but what surprised me was the way it was done with not one big battle but a series of battles. I love seeing things come to fruition so the battles were great and I thought it was believable what they had to do and the amount of effort it took to get their foothold. Kestrel really came into her own, her war strategy was amazing – that girl could outthink anyone and could have practically ended that war alone! The battles were awesome, lots of action and the planning in them was great when put into action and some times, very brutal.
I really liked how Arin was tied to his god, it gave a little bit of mysticism to him and also that his people already saw him as a leader of worth. I also liked that even though Kestrel didn’t believe in his gods she was willing to believe in him and was willing to do whatever it took and in turn how Arin had complete faith in her. The betrayal by her father had hit deep and although she thought she wanted his demise her feelings were conflicted, that to me showed how far she has come from the girl we knew in the beginning. The ending was quite understated considering the battles they had waged but very fitting with the mood of the book and I was left very satisfied. I couldn’t recommend this series enough, it was definitely a grower for me and ended up being awesome. Give it a go – you know you want to ;)

Thank you to Bloomsbury Children's for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Excerpt from The Winner's Kiss.

Not at first.
At first, there wasn’t time for thoughts that came in the shape of words. His head was blessedly empty of stories then. War was coming. It was upon him. Arin had been born in the year of the god of death, and he was finally glad of it. He surrendered himself to his god, who smiled and came close. Stories will get you killed, he murmured in Arin’s ear. Now, you just listen. Listen to me.
Arin did.
His ship had sped across the sea from the capital. Now it nosed in among the fleet of eastern ships docked in his city’s bay, nimble sloops of war, flying their queen’s colors of blue and green. The sloops were Arin’s, at least for now. The Dacran queen’s gift to her new allies. The ships were not as many as Arin would have liked. Not as heavy with cannon as he would have liked.

Arin told his ship’s captain to sidle up along the largest of the Dacran sloops. After giving his captain orders to dock and find Arin’s cousin in the city, Arin boarded the sloop. He approached the commander of the eastern fleet: Xash,a lean man with an unusually high-bridged nose and brown skin gleaming in the late spring sun.
Arin looked into Xash’s eyes—black, always narrowed, and lined with the yellow paint that indicated his status as naval commander. It was as if Xash already knew what Arin would say. The easterner smiled slightly.
“They’re coming,” Arin said.

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{Review} Driven (Otherworld Stories #13.6) by Kelley Armstrong

25913699Posted by Melanie
Release Date: January 31st, 2016
Finished Date: January 26th, 2016
Publishers: Subterranean Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: 232
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US / Book Depo 
Subterranean Press is pleased to present a long Otherworld novella by Kelley Armstrong, featuring a number of full-color illustrations by Xaviere Daumarie. The Trade Hardcover of Driven will feature a full-color dust jacket as well as four full-color interior illustrations. The Signed Limited Edition will have a completely different dust jacket, full-color endsheets, and two additional full-color illustrations not in the Trade. If you own a copy of the limited edition of Forsaken, please mention your number to match when checking out.

Cains are known for being big, brutish and not-too-bright. The mutt clan embodies all the supernatural world’s worst stereotypes about werewolves. But not even the Cains deserve to be hunted down and skinned like animals.

When young Davis Cain comes to the Pack for help, Alpha Elena Michaels can’t refuse him. It isn't about morality or justice. It’s about not letting anyone think they can do this to werewolves and get away with it.

But Elena is also dealing with the Pack’s homegrown monster—Malcolm Danvers, onetime enforcer, full-time psycho. Malcolm is now under Elena’s control, as part of the most difficult decision she’s had to make as leader. But if she has to let Malcolm in, she’s going to make full use of him…and the best person to catch monsters is one who knows exactly how they think.

The Review: Driven is a novella in the ‘Otherworld series’ and it was so good to be back with the pack!
This -to me- is Kelley Armstrong at her best and this series is one of my all time favourites so I’m glad we get these little stories to keep it alive.
The pack are back in action again – first off we have the re introduction of Malcom Danvers to the pack, of course everyone is dubious about his reappearance and assume he’s out to get one of them because let’s face it…. He is a savage; but Elena gives him a few tests and then decides to use him to hunt down some other savages. Then the good stuff comes when they set about finding said savages who are hunting mutts –Cains in particular – and even though the pack would usually do it anyway, there’s a difference when innocent mutts are being killed and mutilated. So let the chase begin….
As usual this story was fab! I mentioned it was good to be back with the pack again, it really is and this felt like another ending with the Malcolm situation coming to a close. I thought the situation was handled with class by Elena as she didn’t go for the expected option and took a different approach. The pack and it’s Alpha really seemed to have gone through a modernisation and I have always loved the family aspect of the pack but it even went a step further now with how they’ve opened themselves up to the other supernaturals.
The main story was great, I expect no less and when you can do this kind of work, pull in a reader, create an excellent story that you don’t want to end in just a novella sized piece of work….. you’re a winner! It had everything you want from an Elena & Clay novel – murder, mystery, intrigue, deadly situations, a hunt, a run, werewolves and even a bit of sexytime - there is no way it can disappoint… and it didn’t! If you don’t know of or haven’t read the series – what are you waiting for? If you have –you know you’re in for the good stuff.

Thank you to Subterranean Press for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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{Review} Underground (New World #4) by Janelle Stalder

24924038Posted by Melanie
Release Date: February 14th, 2016
Finished Date:February 8th, 2016
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: YA, Dystopian
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle
Pages: Unknown
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US
Love isn't something you find.
Love is something that finds you.

Phoenix has spent her whole life fighting. All she's ever wanted was to return the world to a peaceful state, and bring down the New World Order. But now she finds herself in a different sort of battle. No longer set in the streets of New Berlin, the fighting has moved beneath them, in a vicious underground fighting ring run by outlaws bent on causing trouble. And if that isn't hard enough, she's stuck with the one person who loves to fight more than she does - Trent McKay. Now the race is on to get out of their new prison and back home - before they end up killing each other.

Or worse - fall in love.

The Review: Underground is the fourth book in the New World series and the one I had been waiting for!
Fans of this series will know all about Phoenix and Trent, both leaders in their families and used to getting their own way. They have clashed since we met them, have one of those awesome relationships where they hate each other and are even hostile to each other….. but all that is about to change :D.

Both Phoenix and Trent find themselves in a predicament after being kidnapped off the street and taken to an underground compound. Here they are being forced to train which will then lead to them being forced to fight in an underground fighting arena that is run by a hard man for the entertainment of those who can afford it. They can both fight, they are both more than capable but these fights are not for the faint hearted and always result in fatality. Phoenix knows she will have trouble actually killing people and is just waiting for rescue or the opportunity to escape… but it’s been a while…. And she can’t leave Trent behind.

Now, as I mentioned; I have been waiting for this book because I knew we were in for something special when these two finally realised what was going on between them and it did not disappoint. I have loved these two from the start, I really enjoy their banter and how they communicate with each other and who doesn’t love a good hate to love romance? I think it went against each others principles to allow the other to see the vulnerabilities they had but with them being in a confined place, there was no easy way to avoid it. It brought out a protectiveness in each other at first which then blossomed into something more. It was quite clear where they were headed but they had to realise a few things first.

Obviously the romance isn’t the only thread in this book and not the only reason I read them. The author has created a very complex world that all threads together seamlessly, this book opens that world up even more with the introduction of a new area and leader of that area. We still have drama coming from the city and the uppers but this definitely seemed to be taking the story to a different level. Ludwig and the General have both been dealt blows in previous books but it seems that they have not been as unaffected as we once thought; how they handle it plays a big part in this book. Our rebels each have their own part to play in this web so whilst the focus of this book is on Phoenix and Trent, we get to know what they are all up to and the setting up of their books also.
There is a lot of drama, fighting and action as we have come to expect from the series and the story is definitely being pushed in a definite direction with this seeming like a game changer. There are a good few surprises still to be had and a heart stopping finale for more than one person. If you’re up to book four then you know what to expect – rebels, fighting, kidnapping, plots, chances, plenty of ‘no way’ moments, bickering, dastardly deeds, lives in peril, explosions, violence…… but plenty of romance, hot men and sexytime to go with it. I love these books – hopefully you will too.

Thank you to Janelle Stalder for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.